Very best of prince

The Very Best of Prince is a greatest hits album by Prince that was released on July 31, 2001 by Warner Bros. Records.

The album contains most of Prince's commercially successful singles from 1979 to 1991 such as "When Doves Cry," "Let's Go Crazy", "Kiss" and "Cream."


  1. I Wanna Be Your Lover
  2. 1999
  3. Little Red Corvette
  4. When Doves Cry
  5. Let's Go Crazy
  6. Purple Rain
  7. I Would Die 4 U
  8. Raspberry Beret
  9. Kiss
  10. Sign o' the Times
  11. U Got the Look (feat. Sheena Easton)
  12. Alphabet St.
  13. Thieves in the Temple
  14. Gett Off
  15. Cream
  16. Diamonds and Pearls
  17. Money Don't Matter 2 Night

Chart PerformanceEdit

"The Very Best of Prince" debuted at #66 on the Billboard 200 in August of 2001. On September 21, 2004, it was certified platinum by the RIAA for selling one million copies in the United States.

In 2016 (following Prince's death), the album sold 179,000 album-equivalent units (100,000 in pure album sales) which allowed the album to re-enter the Billboard 200 and it topped the chart for a week in May of 2016.