High was an album that Prince recorded and was scheduled to be released in August of 2000, but for unknown reasons, the album was shelved and instead, he released the album "The Rainbow Children."


The tracks for the album were recorded in early to mid-2000.

A music video was recorded for the song "U Make My Sun Shine", a duet with Angie Stone, and it was also released as a single.

A music video was also made for "Daisy Chain" featuring Prince playing basketball in his own court at Paisley Park, and "When Eye Lay My Hands on U".

Most of the songs were distributed individually via his NPG Music Club.

The tracks "Silicon," "Daisy Chain" and "Golden Parachute" were also included on the internet-only The Slaughterhouse project.


  1. Supercute
  2. Underneath The Cream
  3. Golden Parachute
  4. When Will We B Paid?
  5. The Daisy Chain
  6. Gamillah
  7. High
  8. My Medallion
  9. U Make My Sun Shine (feat. Angie Stone)
  10. When Eye Lay My Hands On U

Album PersonnelEdit


  • Prince - all vocals and instruments (except where noted
  • Mr. Hayes - additional keyboards on "Underneath The Cream"
  • Najee - flute on "Golden Parachute" and Gamillah"
  • Larry Graham - bass guitar on "The Daisy Chain"
  • DVS - rap on "The Daisy Chain" & background vocals on "High"
  • Kip Blackshire - background vocals on "High"
  • Angie Stone - co-lead vocals on "U Make My Sun Shine"
  • Milenia - background vocals on "U Make My Sun Shine"


  • Prince - producer (assumed)
  • Femi Jiya - engineer

Other production details unknown.