Happy Tears was a multimedia project by Prince.

The project was announced on April 1, 1996 during a press release focusing on the pregnancy of Prince's then-wife Mayte Garcia.

The project was supposed to be credited to Prince and Mayte and was planned to include an album of songs on CD and an accompanying children's storybook along with a a read-along cassette of the book's stories.

At the time of the press release, eight songs were included on the album (along with three children's stories in the book which featured multi-racial characters).

The 8 songs recorded for the album were possibly recorded in late February or March of 1996 (between Prince & Mayte's marriage and the announcement of Mayte's pregnancy).

The only confirmed song for the "Happy Tears" album was "She Gave Her Angels" (which was later released on the Crystal Ball album).

To help promote the album, Prince guest-starred on the TV series "Muppets Tonight" and performed "She Gave Her Angels."

After Prince & Mayte's son died from complications caused by Pfeiffer Syndrome a week after his birth, the "Happy Tears" project was cancelled.